Welcome to the Llorens Pharmaceutical Family, AminoPets!

Jun 19, 20
Welcome to the Llorens Pharmaceutical Family, AminoPets!

In January 2020 we finally launched our veterinary line, AminoPets. 

And, we admit it. AminoPets was not solely born out of our love for animals. Although we do feel strongly about our furry friends, our main passion shifts towards what we have been dedicated to for the past 30 years. 

Since 1985 our organization has been focused on developing high quality, health-related products ranging in areas from the common cold and gastric bypass, to dietary supplements and sports nutrition. Llorens’ extensive product line has been cultivated throughout the years, paving the way for the launch of our manufacturing plant in 2017, fully equipped with its quality control laboratory, in-house research and development, and packing and distributing capabilities

Now, what does this all have to do with the veterinary industry?

All great ideas emerge by need. And that’s how AminoPets came to life. Our ‘light bulb moment’ came in 2014 when one of our products, Proteinex, was used to treat a dog that had been severely beaten and rejected. After speaking with the veterinarian and discussing the benefits that our product, a liquid hydrolyzed protein supplement, has on patients that have undergone trauma and surgery, it wasn’t long until Proteinex was incorporated into the dog’s diet. Shortly after, the dog came back to life… stronger, happier, and healthier! (for more information on this case, please visit the AminoPets homepage). 

The idea to create a line completely focused on animal health surfaced from the lack of safe and effective products geared towards proper veterinary supplementation. Needless to say, this is right up our alley. When we combined our passion for the medical industry with the urgent need to help animals recover quickly and effectively, AminoPets was born. Our products are proudly made in our facility where we can oversee, test, and validate before they’re on their way to treat our beloved companions. We won’t give them anything we don’t believe in, and that’s a promise we will always stand by.  

Why choose AminoPets’ products?

  • Our products are manufactured in a USA FDA registered facility, in compliance with the Current Good Manufacturing Processes and to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. Our ingredients meet all food safety standards and are further tested and validated in an in-house laboratory before being placed for production. We don’t cut corners when it comes to safety, since optimum pet health is our number one priority.

  • AminoPets is developed by our family owned pharmaceutical company which is focused on delivering premium, quality products to doctors, nutritionist, and dietitians for consumer use. Llorens’ products are developed using the highest standards, and these high standards are enforced when developing animal products. That’s why AminoPets products are human tested, and pet approved.

  • All is great when done with extraordinary love. AminoPets is run by dog parents, animal advocates, and pet lovers. Every ingredient, every product, and every decision is based on our love for animals and what would be safe, effective, and beneficial for their health. Pets bring so much comfort, happiness, and love into our lives that we think it’s only fair for us to do our part in making them feel, heal, and recover better.

  • AminoPets specializes in liquid supplements. Why? Liquid supplements have a higher absorption rate when compared to non-liquid supplements. They are also easily and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, which means better digestion for our furry friends. Liquid supplementation also provides efficient dosing, as dosing can also be easily controlled, allowing for more flexibility. 

For more information about the AminoPets product line send us a message. We are always happy to assist!

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