Why is Proteinex Essential for Recovery?

Nov 16, 20
Why is Proteinex Essential for Recovery?

Our protein needs to go noticeably high when we are recovering from surgery, trauma, or wounds. This is because when our body gets under such changes, it requires protein to make new cells and normalize the functions of the body. Getting the material to attain that stability, therefore, becomes unavoidable. 

Collagen for Body Recovery 

While there are many sources of proteins that help us get amino acids – the building blocks – for that matter, collagen comes as one of the most beneficial resources for getting amino acids that are lost. Collagen contains multiple amino acids that are integral to making several body tissues – skin, cartilage, bones, joints, hair, etc. So, as it makes most of the body composition, including sources of collagen in our lives can help accelerate the process of recovery from physical trauma, surgery, and other external factors. 

Collagen for Muscle Buildup

Our muscles are made of proteins and need protein to build up; a deficiency of protein will render them weak and drive the body in a negative nitrogen balance. If not turned into a positive nitrogen balance, this deficiency in the nutrient can result in prolonged recovery, and elevated muscle damage symptoms – muscle soreness, cell tear, and cramps are some of the signs that inhibit the person from carrying on their exercise and fitness regime. Collagen fixes this balance and provides the amino acids the muscles need to recover from the damage. 

Collagen for Meeting Stress Factor Requirements

When our body undergoes a pathological or a physical intervention such as a wound or surgical incision, the stress factor of the body elevates. Stress factor is the measure of this physical stress in the body that requires special nutritional intervention as it goes up. Protein needs tend to go higher as the factor elevates depending upon the condition. Collagen, in this case, can meet up the deficit of protein in such an elevated stress factor. 

Proteinex – Your Ultimate Source of Collagen

Proteinex stands out to be an all-inclusive, beneficial supplement for our body that contains 18 grams of protein coming exclusively from collagen. The fat-free and sugar-free supplement is specially made for people who want a speedy recovery from the post-operative stage, body trauma, and deep wounds. It works effectively in nourishing all cells of the body as well as the affected area so that the person using the supplement as a subsequent treatment shows early signs of improvement. Ultimately, one can see the visible alleviation of wounds, decrease in acute pain, and restructuring of body cells to pave the way for in-depth, permanent healing.

Don't worry if you're concerned about its course of digestion in the body. Proteinex contains amino acids in their hydrolyzed form. This means there is no stress on the GI tract to digest the complex protein and peptide linkages in order to digest them. The simple, hydrolyzed form contained in Proteinex has amino acids that are the units of proteins. In this way, the amino acids you consume in the body coming from the supplement get directly absorbed into your GI cells, joining the blood streams, ready to take part in anabolic reactions in the body and complete the recovery process in time. What you get is a quick solution through regular use where you don’t have to wait for long hours for the digestion process.

Proteinex and Muscle Recovery from Exercise 

The implications of Proteinex are not restricted to clinical situations only. It can also be used to improve the muscle recovery process that can happen from exercise and heavy workouts. If you get muscle injury, cramps, and tears from strenuous exercise sessions, you can take Proteinex to speed up your recovery. Gone are the days when you had to say farewell to your exercising regime and your fit body, all thanks to Proteinex that amplifies the muscle recovery process in the body. As your muscles will get the amino acids they need to build up, Proteinex will provide the amino acids the muscle cells need to build up.

You can take Proteinex as a subsequent treatment for post-operation, trauma, wound healing, muscle soreness, and muscle injury recovery. Live a life free of worry and optimize your health by taking the right measure at the right time!


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