How Can Protein Impact Muscle Mass and Joint Pain Relief?

Dec 21, 20
How Can Protein Impact Muscle Mass and Joint Pain Relief?

You might have been advised with taking protein supplements or taking a diet high in protein while you are training at a gym or are undergoing some joint recovery. Whatever might be the case, you need to focus on improving your amino acid intake on a daily basis to meet those meets.

This is because protein aids in both cases.

In Muscle Mass Increase

Protein helps increase muscle mass in the body. This is because, on the basis of anatomy, our skeletal muscles are composed mainly of proteins. This means that when you are going through strenuous physical activity programs, and your muscles are undergoing some hardcore training, they undergo wear and tear, which calls for new muscle bundles to build up. These will only build up when they are having enough protein supply in their body to function at their best level. Giving yourself high protein will aid your muscle in their developing process as they go through this stage and increase in bulk, ultimately increasing the muscle mass of the body. 

In Joint Pain Relief

Protein intake is also important for joint pain relief. This is because protein is known to help in the repair of body cells, therefore decreasing the inflammation and increasing the body cell repair mechanism. This is why specialists recommend patients having joint complaints to take a diet high in protein, so it boosts the recovery process to provide relief from pain. In simple words, protein helps in cushioning the joints by reconstructing the surrounding tissues and membranes that encompass the joints to keep them from traction. This is where protein supplementation can aid in pain relief. 


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