How to Take Proteinex

Jul 13, 20
How to Take Proteinex

When you have high protein needs, getting in that extra protein is an essential part of your day. However, in the hectic world we live in, sometimes slowing down to prepare your meals can be daunting and time consuming. No judgement, we get it. And it happens to all of us.  That’s why Proteinex is so convenient and efficient, especially in our day and age. Proteinex is ready to drink – no mixing required! What this means is that you can drink it right out of the bottle, and you’re good to go. A dosing cup or a tablespoon is really all you need to get in those 18 grams of protein in just two tablespoons. To put it in perspective, that’s like eating three eggs, two cups of skim milk, or 2 ounces of peanuts – in half the time! 

If you have a little bit more time (really, just a little) you can mix two tablespoons of Proteinex with a glass of water which will certainly make for a more diluted drink. If you’re not a fan of water and have a hard time getting it in, this is also a way for you to sweeten it up with protein and get hydrated. You can even add Proteinex to your juices or smoothies! Its liquid presentation makes it convenient to blend it with numerous beverages and for you to test and see the combination you like best. Whether you’re mixing it with orange juice, a green morning smoothie, or a pre-workout drink, you’re enjoying a high concentration of protein in a small, mixable dose. 

One of the best things about our liquid source is that you can get creative. You can add Proteinex to your yogurt, apple sauce, oatmeal, or any other semi liquid food that you think would work best for your taste buds! 

Refrigerating Proteinex is acceptable. Please do heat or place in microwave. 

Proteinex 30 oz