Is High Protein Intake Safe for Elders?

Jul 14, 20
Is High Protein Intake Safe for Elders?

Protein is essential for the human body and consuming adequate amounts can positively impact our health and wellbeing. Our bones and muscles, and even our skin and nails, are composed of protein. Protein helps us recover after an injury, maintain our muscle mass, and regulate hunger. We cannot live without protein; our lives depend on it. 

Protein, although essential for all individuals, becomes especially important as we age. Aging leads to a greater risk of decreased muscle mass, overall strength, and bodily functions, which can then lead to obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Research indicates that adults 65 years and older process protein less efficiently; thus, they need higher levels of protein because they are less responsive to low doses of amino acid intake. What this means is that these individuals need higher levels of protein consumption in order to beat the lack of responsiveness. The protein source must contain all essential and non-essential amino acids in order to be complete and fully effective. 

Research shows that older adults who consume enough protein are able to improve their muscle health and energy levels and can maintain their cardiovascular function and a healthy weight. These combined benefits can help fight chronic diseases and increase the quality of life.

Elderly individuals can improve their protein intake by taking Proteinex. Proteinex is a liquid protein supplement that contains all essential and non-essential amino acids which have been predigested for quick absorption. Proteinex contains 18 grams of protein in two tablespoons, and its free of sugar, carbs, and fat. This formulation is a great addition to any diet as its high in protein and suitable for diabetics or for those that have dietary restrictions. Since Proteinex is liquid, it’s easier to swallow and to administer. There’s no need to cut pills or mix with any other beverage; it's ready to drink. 

Providing an easy and convenient method for elderly individuals to meet their protein needs can make a difference in their quality of life. It’s important to note that as people age, their appetite tends to decrease. Having a liquid solution with a high concentration of protein in such a small dose can facilitate the protein delivery and can ensure individuals are obtaining all essential and non-essential amino acids. 

A high protein intake is safe for older individuals as long as their diet and nutritional requirements are managed by a healthcare professional. It’s important for them to take into consideration any medical conditions or previous history an individual may have that may impact protein absorption. It’s not recommended to start a new diet or new eating habits without proper supervision. 

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