We’re excited to launch our new Aminorip look, accompanied by new packaging and fresh-looking labels. This refresh was designed to make the experience of our brand better, with a stronger sense of who we are. 

Why the Change? 

Our choice to refresh our brand goes beyond aesthetics. Our consumers are evolving, and we must evolve with them. Our consumers are curious and informed about what they put in their bodies. They are in the search for high-quality ingredients that will impact their nutrition, performance, and recovery. 

When you buy Aminorip Protein, it’s not just protein. It’s pure collagen protein, hydrolyzed into its simplest form of amino acids. Now, this is front and center in our label. No guessing. No distractions. It’s just collagen protein and we want you to know that. Our new labels represent our goal for the future. To be bold, informative, and leave the ish’ aside. 

Our New Packaging Has Meaning

For quite some time our identity has been changing. This was reflected in the different packaging we adapted throughout the years. But not anymore. When we went to the root of who we are, and we are simply Aminorip. We are trendy, yet classic; hip, yet firm; eager to change, yet stuck to what's close to home. 

Our new, black “bomb” bottle is strong, durable, and easier to open. Plus, it makes a statement. Hard on the outside, but purposeful on the inside. Sounds a lot like us.

Roll Out

Changing our look is a process, so we will be taking a phased approach. If you are placing any orders, you may receive the previous packaging for a while. We will start this phase with our Aminorip Collagen Protein Watermelon, and then continue to our other products and flavors. You might also see some changes on our website, social channels, and overall content.

These are exciting times and we are ready for you to come along on this ride. 


Aminorip Collagen Protein
Aminorip L-Carnitine
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