Topical Lidocaine for Aches and Sprains

Dec 16, 20
Topical Lidocaine for Aches and Sprains

Too often, we are faced with issues like sprains and cramps that make our routine activities difficult. You could be playing football in the field and suddenly have your ankle twisted, or you could get a backache out of nowhere. These situations can make your body feel immense pain – getting a quick pain relief that actually works in such cases becomes necessary. 

Dologesic Lidocaine Roll-On 

Dologesic Lidocaine Roll-On is formulated to be an effective anesthetic for pain relief. Gone are the days when you had to take NSAIDs (Non-steroid Anti Inflammatory Drugs) to get rid of the pain. The topical application is there to soothe conditions, including:

1. Muscle soreness

2. Twists

3. Sprains

4. Cramps

5. Strains

6. Blue skin

7. Inflammation

8. Body ache

These conditions can debilitate us from carrying out our activities for the day in a normal manner. Having an anesthetic to work for you is an amazing solution to get rid of the pain and discomfort at all levels.

How Does it Work?

The pain relief formulation is applied topically – that means it gets settled on the skin and gets absorbed in the deeper layer of the epidermis, where it goes towards the pain receptors to render them in a numb (anesthetized) state. Doing so will cause the pain and the discomfort feeling to subside within a few minutes of application. 

Who Can Use it?

Sports players from different kinds of sports are prone to sprains and twisting in different parts of the body. Wrists and ankles are the most vulnerable areas. With this pain relief application, you can reduce the feeling of discomfort that may arise from a debilitating external physical trauma over the area.

Moreover, if you have a desk job from 9 to 5, sitting all day and remaining in an uncomfortable posture can result in conditions like neck sprains and backaches on certain parts. Applying this anesthetic would help deplete the painful feeling that causes you to get a break from work.

You can safely apply the product on the skin around the affected area and expect pain relief within a couple of minutes.