What are the Benefits of Dietary Fiber?

Nov 16, 20
What are the Benefits of Dietary Fiber?

Dietary fiber is typically found in plant-based sources of food and is known to have numerous benefits for human health. With a daily dietary recommendation of 28 grams a day, these complex carbohydrates are known to optimize one's health in a number of ways – be it the soluble fiber in the form of pectin coming from peels of fruits or be it insoluble fiber getting extracted from the husk of whole grains, each type comes with its advantages. 

Helps People with Diabetes

A gram of dietary fibers gives 4-kilocalories of carbohydrates in a stable form. This means that as our body digests fiber, the blood glucose levels in our body don't spike up abruptly like they do when we consume a diet high in refined carbs. Instead, due to the complex structural form of the fiber, the carbs break down slowly with a sustainable course, giving a well-balanced state of blood glucose. This is why diabetic individuals are strongly advised to replace refined grains with whole grains as they are loaded with fiber that helps maintain normal blood glucose levels. 

Lowers Bad Cholesterol 

Dietary fiber intake is appreciated in people with disturbed blood lipid profiles, such as people with hyperlipidemia and myopathies. This is because people with such conditions have high levels of LDL cholesterol that tends to induce plaque formation – something we all should be concerned about – and dietary fiber helps clear out this bad cholesterol from the body by binding to it and eliminating it as it passes through the stool. What you get is good heart health.

Aids in Digestion and Weight Loss

If you have a disturbed gut and have bloating disorders, having dietary fiber can help you stabilize your digestive tract and optimize a healthier bowel movement. Moreover, if you are struggling with weight loss, fiber can help you feel satiated for a long time and help you fight those unwanted cravings for food, ultimately helping in weight loss.

Although dietary fiber intake can help you get all these benefits, meeting the daily requirement isn’t easy for many through diet alone. Take Fiberex for meeting these needs and avail better benefits of dietary fiber with its content of the complex carb up to 15 grams.

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