What is Proteinex?

Jul 09, 20
What is Proteinex?

Proteinex is a predigested liquid protein supplement specially formulated to contain all dispensable and indispensable amino acids, making it a complete protein source. Proteinex is predigested by being broken down into its simplest form of building block amino acids that the body can easily assimilate and absorb. This means that the protein is used by your body the moment that it is ingested. It’s pure protein, right now.

There are twenty different amino acids that can be combined in an almost infinite number of ways to make up all the thousands of proteins your body may need. Of these twenty, the human body manufactures ten and the other ten, called indispensable amino acids, must be supplied by dietary intake. The ten indispensable amino acids are Arginine, Histidine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Valine, and Tryptophan. When the human body is injured, it will utilize these amino acids for healing. However, if one or more of the indispensable amino acids is missing, the repaid cannot be made and further breakdown of the body will likely follow. 

High Amount of Protein in a Small Serving Size

Depending on the presentation you choose, Proteinex contains 15 or 18 grams of protein in a small serving size (2 tablespoons) or 26 grams of protein in 2.5 ounces. When you put it in perspective, that’s as much protein as a cup of lentils, 16 ounces of skim milk, three handfuls of almonds, two scrambled eggs, or a chicken drumstick. That much protein in such a small serving size allows you to easily meet your dietary needs. 

Pure Protein Without…

Believe it or not, Proteinex does not contain any sugar, fat, or carbs and it’s also free of dairy, gluten, wheat, shellfish, and eggs. And in terms of calories, Proteinex is on the low side, as well. Proteinex 15 contains 60 calories, Proteinex 18 contains 72 calories, and Proteinex 2 Go contains 104 calories. 

Why is Proteinex Liquid?

Did you know that approximately 85-90% of nutrients in liquid supplements are absorbed into the body in 22 to 30 seconds? On the other hand, only 10-22% of nutrients found in pills, tablets, and capsules are absorbed. As a result, many years ago when deciding how to formulate the product, it was a no brainer to opt for a liquid presentation that would provide the highest absorption rate when compared to non-liquids. The nutrients are able to surpass the digestive system and go straight to the bloodstream. Additionally, liquid supplements are easier to swallow when compared to non-liquid presentations. This means that people with swallowing difficulties or certain conditions can also benefit from our liquid protein.

Many individuals have to follow a liquid diet before, during, or after certain surgeries or procedures. Proteinex is the perfect alternative for these instances in which a high protein diet is required. The versatility of a liquid solution Is what makes this presentation efficient and competitive in the market. 

Another good thing about liquids… they don’t need binder or fillers! Unlike capsules or pills, nutrients in liquids don’t need to be held together by other ingredients. This allows us to stick with the ingredients you need and avoid everything you don’t.  

Why Should I Take Proteinex?

Although some need more than others, everyone needs protein! Protein is critical for all the cells in our bodies to function properly; in fact, it is needed for our bodies to grow and repair. But don’t be fooled, some protein sources are incomplete – meaning that they don’t have all essential and non-essential amino acids. And as stated earlier, lacking amino acids can be detrimental to our system and can hinder the time it takes of our bodies to heal. That’s why it’s important to know your protein and ensure that what you’re consuming is exactly what you need.

Proteinex is a complete protein supplement, so it has all the amino acids needed to prevent muscle breakdown and help the body rebuild lean tissue. It supports muscle growth, increases metabolism, and provides the structural nutrients needed for the repair of injuries. And because Proteinex is sourced from collagen protein, it’s effective in restoring the body’s connective tissue, and in improving the joints, tendons, and ligaments. Collagen protein also contributes to the appearance of the skin, hair, and nails, providing hydration, elasticity, and flexibility.

For over 15 years we have been proud to witness the success of one of our favorite products, Proteinex. Proteinex has gone through numerous transformations – different flavors, presentations, variations – but always true to the same, winning formula that makes the product great. 

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