Why is Collagen Protein Essential for Anyone Over 30?

Aug 27, 20
Why is Collagen Protein Essential for Anyone Over 30?

Collagen is essential in our bodies. It’s our most abundant protein, accounting for one third of all the protein in our bodies. Collagen is found in our skin, hair, and nails, and even in our muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Collagen is known as the “glue that keeps the body together” because collagen’s fibers are what hold things together in our body, such as the muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, and skin.

But did you know that your body naturally produces collagen? Yes! We are born with an abundance of collagen and we continue to produce it during our youth. That’s why our skin, hair, and nails are so elastic and moisturized during our youthful years. However, collagen production begins to slow down after our twenties. At this stage, the collagen we produce isn’t as effective as the collagen produced during our youth years, and it breaks down faster than it can be replaced. In fact, the collagen level in our skin drops 1-2% each year after age 30.

When collagen starts to decline, the skin starts to lose its elasticity, firmness, and moisture. The most common visible signs of this decline are usually in the skin, where it becomes dry, saggy, and dull. This is also when we begin to see fine lines and wrinkles, which usually go alongside joint pain, dry hair, and brittle nails. The glow that we had during our youth beings to disappear.

How Can Collagen Help?

As we grow older, we want to support collagen production in our bodies and want to ensure it has sufficient levels to keep our hair, skin, nails, and even the rest of the body, at top shape. That’s why taking the right type of collagen supplements can assist in keeping our body supplied of collagen and diminishing the risk of its decline. Collagen consumption can minimize the appearance of dry skin and can improve skin hydration and elasticity. It can also supply the cartilage of your joints with the cushion needed to move freely, staying flexible and with proper movement.

Although there isn’t an exact age when collagen consumption should be started, starting to take collagen supplementation during our early 30s is certainly beneficial. Truth is, there is no way to reverse ageing, or even replenish all the collagen that we will lose. But collagen supplementation can definitely help, especially as we begin to lose 1-2% during our 30s.

Remember that collagen provides structure to our bones, skin, and connective tissue. It’s responsible for our skin elasticity, the strength of our hair and nails, and even the flexibility of our joints. Collagen also helps improve our muscle mass and prevent bone loss. Adding collagen to the diet is an effective way to keep our bodies looking, and feeling, as youthful as can be!

Proteinex: Our Liquid Collagen Protein

Proteinex is a hydrolyzed, liquid collagen supplement that has been broken down into its simplest form of amino acids, making it easily absorbed by the body. Just two tablespoons provide your body with 18g of pure collagen protein free of fats, sugar, carbs, dairy, and gluten. Taken daily, consuming Proteinex can provide an extra dose of collagen to your body and help you slow down its decline.

Talk to your physician to see how you can start incorporating collagen today or click the product below for more information!

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