No Pain, More Gain with Dologesic Roll On

We all use the phrase “No Pain, No Gain” as a metaphor; if you don’t put in the sweat, it’s likely you won’t achieve results.

But, literally speaking, if we are pain-free, we can achieve more (seriously)! We can run farther, exercise longer, and move forward with our daily tasks and routines seamlessly. There is no shame in admitting that pain holds us back and that we much rather be pain-free. And, with Dologesic Roll-On, we can be (at least temporarily)!

Dologesic Roll-On temporarily relieves minor pains and aches associated with arthritis, backache, strains, and sprains. It can help relieve muscle pain and aches after intense exercise, strains and sprains due to sports injury, or joint pain caused by everyday wear and tear of the joints.

Dologesic Roll-On is composed of Lidocaine, a topical anesthetic used to help relieve pain and numb the skin, and menthol and camphor, which together create a fast-acting formula that offers relief from everyday pain. This combination, when applied to the skin, creates a cool and soothing feeling that provides relief upon application to the affected area. You heard that right, upon application (as opposed to oral medications, which can take 30-40 minutes).

Although Dologesic’s unique formula is effective, perhaps its most attractive feature is its presentation. Dologesic Roll-On has an easy-to-apply rollerball that makes it convenient to carry and apply. No creams and lotions to rub off mean no messy hands!

Do MORE with LESS (or NO) pain with long-lasting, fast-acting and non-irritating Dologesic Roll On!