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Dosing Cup Unflavored (40)

Dosing Cup Unflavored (40)

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A cherry-flavored powerhouse of nutrition specially crafted for healthcare institutions such as hospitals, surgical centers, rehabilitation homes and similar. Packed with 15 grams of high-quality collagen protein per 1 oz dosing cup, this product is designed to provide essential nourishment and support for patients on their road to recovery.

Key Features:

Cherry Flavor: We've added a delicious cherry flavor to make every dose of our hydrolyzed collagen-based protein not only nutritious but also enjoyable for patients.

Optimal 1 oz Dosing Cups: Each individual serving is conveniently pre-measured in 1 oz dosing cups, ensuring accurate and hassle-free administration to patients.

High-Quality Collagen Protein: Our product is rich in hydrolyzed collagen protein, known for its exceptional bioavailability and the potential to support tissue repair, skin health, and overall wellness.

Medical-Grade Nutrition: Designed with the unique needs of hospitals and medical clinics in mind, this collagen-based protein provides essential nutrients to aid in the recovery and well-being of patients.

Quality and Safety: Our product is produced under rigorous quality control standards, guaranteeing the highest level of safety and purity for patients' peace of mind.

Support Healing and Recovery: Whether your patients are recuperating from surgery, injury, or illness, our hydrolyzed collagen-based protein can be a valuable addition to their nutritional regimen, supporting their healing and recovery journey.

Trusted by Healthcare Professionals: Healthcare providers can confidently incorporate our product into their patient care plans, knowing they are offering a reliable source of collagen protein.

Ensure that your patients receive the nourishment they need with our Hydrolyzed Collagen-Based Protein. Backed by quality and designed with care, it's the ideal choice for hospitals and medical clinics seeking to enhance patient well-being and promote optimal recovery. Order today and provide your patients with the nutritional support they deserve.

Minimum Order Quantity: Please note that our 1 oz Protein Dosing Cup is only available for purchase in cases of 40 units. This minimum order quantity ensures that you have an ample supply of this trusted relief solution for your needs.

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