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Tusnel Ex 4oz (24)

Tusnel Ex 4oz (24)

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Introducing Tusnel EX – Your Reliable Expectorant for Effective Mucus Relief. This specially formulated expectorant is here to provide you with gentle yet powerful relief from stubborn mucus buildup. Tusnel EX comes in a delightful apple banana flavor, making it a pleasant and effective solution for clearing your airways. Each 4 oz bottle contains high-quality Guaifenesin to help you breathe easier and find relief from bothersome congestion.

Key Features:

Exquisite Apple Banana Flavor: Say goodbye to the unpleasant taste of traditional expectorants. Tusnel EX offers a delicious apple banana flavor that makes taking your medication a more enjoyable experience.

Mucus Relief: Our expectorant is designed to help you effectively break down and expel mucus, providing relief from congestion and allowing you to breathe freely.

4 oz Bottle: With 4 ounces of this soothing solution in each bottle, you'll have an ample supply to tackle stubborn mucus buildup during cold and flu seasons.

Quality Ingredient: Tusnel EX contains high-quality Guaifenesin, a trusted expectorant ingredient known for its effectiveness in promoting mucus clearance.

Trusted Relief: Healthcare providers can confidently recommend Tusnel EX to their patients, knowing they are offering a reliable and flavorful solution for mucus relief.

Experience the soothing and effective relief of Tusnel EX. Our apple banana-flavored expectorant is designed to make your mucus relief journey more pleasant while providing the high-quality relief you need. Order now to breathe easier and find comfort with Tusnel EX.

Minimum Order Quantity: Please note that our 4 oz Tusnel EX is only available for purchase in cases of 24 bottles. This minimum order quantity ensures that you have an ample supply of this trusted relief solution for your needs.

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